Having a favorite is hard for me to do.  In anything really; even food.  But especially with music and my varied tastes.  I sorta do have different levels of appreciation and likelihood I'll reach for a band in any given situation/mood.  Different brands bring pleasure in different ways and different amounts.  

All that isn't to say some bands will probably be adjusted.  I try to be pretty steady and true as an individual.  But understanding of self and the world around one is also a journey.  More bands will also appear as I find time to add and write about them.

Another thing to mention is that there is sort of a "genre in my head".  I mention it often enough, and it is this cross of art, psychedelic, math, and experimental perspectives.  Well, maybe a strong groove and not psychedelic.  How much anyone matches this genre isn't the sole measure of my liking them!  Many artists that I like would not fit into that genre.  Life is never that simplistic, so why would my enjoyment of music?  :-)

Circle 1

These are the tried and true old stand-by type bands.  When I'm not exploring, I often go back to these bands.  The links below are (being migrated) to pages where I've written more about them.  Those pages also have links to,, and even

Is There More?

I'm not sure, I've got a lot of music to process.  If you want all the bands I've listened to, wait a long time and check here.  

For now, here are any unfiled bands:  Crown Lands