There is seldom a mood that doesn't have its music.  I listen to music to sustain my mood.  I listen to music to alter my mood. I listen to music a lot. And my listening tastes vary a lot.  

The exploration of music, to me, is part of the experience.  Two sites that I love for this exploration are:

For what will hopefully be a comprehensive list of bands I've listened to enough, check out this page.

Oh!  What about the bands I've been in?  Though eclectic in some ways, they have been regular old rock bands.  I've moved all that here.

Recent Hits

Below are some bands that I'm into at the moment.  They are either new favorites or old stuff I can't put down right now.  The bands and the babbling about them will change as often as I get the chance to update this page.

Currently Trending

In Rio's life that is.  :-P   This is stuff that is on my playlists right now.  Either I'm just getting to know them or they've recently resurfaced.  More will come and some will go.

Next On The List

I used to keep a separate list.  But now all the stuff I've heard about or I want to check out is on this spreadsheet.  The point numbers are bands I have but haven't loaded yet.  

So Last Year

Okay, that's absolutely just a joke.  They are not brand new (to me), and yet they are not falling off the current playlists.  Anytime soon.  ;-)

BTW, they are put in the "djent" sub-genre of progressive metal (also a sub-genre?).  The more I listen to djent, the more I think it isn't a genre.  Yes, some characteristics can be found in Meshuggah and music by other artists that are labeled djent.  But those same artists are not limited to just those characteristics.  I've never really liked genres; there are vague qualities used to describe music.  And at some point applying a genre limits how one might perceive the music. Search around for comments from Misha Mansoor and other metal artists.  Many of them, in some way, say that those qualities are not what they focus on.  /rantoff

Old Stand-bys

What, favorites aren't first?  I guess that means the journey is as important as the destination.  And ranks only work for what to listen to next, not how much I like a band.  There are a ton of other artists that I listen to regularly, but these bands are like comfort food to me.

{More blabbing to be added as I have time.}

But What About...?!?!

These are bands that have been on my journey since starting this page.  And while not old stand-bys, they are still well-liked.  At some point, I might add other artists I listen to frequently, but have known for a long time.

3TEETH, Riverside (from Poland), Tubelord, Nuclear Assault, Daniel Johnston, Ayyur, Al-Namrood, Coriky,

Come And Gone

These are bands that I've listened to since trying to keep up with this website.  They have fallen off the exploration lists and not made it to the hits lists.  I still think worth mentioning and worth a listen.

Absorb Fish, The Raven Age, Jinjer, Okilly Dokilly, Discharge, Crown Lands, .bHP, Riverside (from NYC), Fever Tree