My Bands


I don't like the title of this page.  But "bands that I was a part of" sounds weird and is a bit long.  


This was the first band I was in; it was when I was in college. Some of us in the band wanted a name that was a bit edgy and “punkish” in nature. A few of us liked “Postal Workers”, and there was another suggestion I’m not putting up. We ended up with deanboswell because the Dean of Student Affairs at JHU was Mrs. Boswell.

I don’t think any of us knew how to play before starting, so please be kind if listening to our stuff. That is not totally true though, Eugene had played before, and brought a lot of skill to the band. The line-up was Matt - vocals, Eugene - guitar, Marc - guitar, Brendan - drums, Rio - bass. Time period is around 1993/1994. We all poured our hearts into learning, playing and mostly having a great time hanging out with each other. I still get chills listening to these songs all these years later. 

Anyways, without further ado, feel free to download our first and only album:

I’m very fond of these songs and we all were sad (I think) when we graduated and went our separate ways. Well, sorta on the separate ways part… read on…

One Night With Meredith

This band was just after college. The lead guitar player from deanboswell, Eugene, and I started it and found two guys from D.C. to fill out the drums (Steve) and vocals (Adam). We ended when Steve (the drummer) graduated, Eugene had to finish up Med School and I moved to Boston. We have some recordings but they need work. So that winds up making them low priority. :-(


This was a band I was in after I moved up to Boston. It was a great experience to get my feet wet playing again. It had been so long. We tried for a while, but some thought it wasn’t working out. I’m not sure if anything we had recorded is worth putting up. I have to find what is worth it and go through the cleanup. So again, low priority. :-(

The Snakes

This band was from Boston as well. How we formed was somewhat interesting, less so how we broke up. We started when Andy Jag, John Vranich and I were talking about playing music at our weekly frisbee game. So we started to find covers and began to play. Then John said he knew a drummer, Julie. Later on, she wanted to play guitar, but happened to work with a guy, Sean, who played guitar, but wanted to play drums. Shortly, and sadly later, most of us wanted to write originals, and John didn’t have the desire or time to devote to that, so he left. Around the same time a sometimes frisbee-goer, Alex, kinda fell into playing with us. 

So that was the final line-up: Andy - singer, Alex - guitar/vocals, Julie - guitar/vocals, Sean - drums and Rio - bass. Time period was around 2005/2006.  And like deanboswell, we decided to record in a house; Julie's house.  It was quite a setup with cables going up and down all three floors.  Here are the rough mixes Andy did, cause...

In the end, we never finished these nor played out a lot.  Julie wanted to concentrate more on her own music; Andy and Alex wanted a break; and the rhythm section always seems to roll with it. Well, I don’t think Sean nor I were happy, but life goes that way sometimes. I think the songs were great.  They had a quality of differing melodies that fit together. Something that was mentioned at one of our gigs; and I personally love. Anyway, I hope everyone from The Snakes are proud of these songs.