I've been experimenting with Manjaro and have liked it. I use such a mix of software from various sources that I've not gone to it as my primary OS. It is close though.

& Dell Latitude D620

I installed the LXQT version on an old Dell Latitude D620 with 4GB of RAM. I'm using it to work through Linux From Scratch. So far it works quite well, even using Google Chrome. I haven't gotten into compiling anything yet. ;-)

& Pinebook 1080P

I have the "2nd generation" of the Pinebook (Pinebook 1080p). The only images for Manjaro are as of 3/22/2020 (19.10). I had issues with upgrading, and posted to their forum. The information is duplicated here just in case.

I sorta brute-forced it and did not take good notes. I used pacman to manually install the following packages via HTTP.

  • python (in extras)

  • manjaro-arm-keyring

  • manjaro-hotfixes

  • manjaro-keyring

  • manjaro-release

  • manjaro-system

  • pacman

  • pacman-mirrorlist

After the update, things seemed to work well enough; just as well as Neon. I could load Chromium and use many online services from Google. Playback of YouTube wasn't too bad, but longer videos would start to pause quite a bit. Don't try to do more then 1 thing at a time.

Also, be patient on boot, and the timing of hardware initialization is weird on the Pinebook 1080p. You might have to hold the power button down to shut it off and immediately turn it back on. Not a production device, but a fun toy.