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Not sure where else to put how enable directory browsing for Apache 2, so...  Only use this on servers where you can absolutely ensure trusted access.  Meaning, nothing on the internet and even if you don't trust your roommates.

Alias /media/ "/home/userxyz/sharedstuff/"

<Directory /home/userxyz/sharedstuff/>

 Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks

 AllowOverride all

 Order deny,allow

 Allow from all

 Require all granted

 AddType video/mp4 .m4v


This also assumes that it is world readable for files and world executable for directories.  That last part is important, read up on unix-style permissions.

BASH Cheat Sheet

This page is just embedding https://devhints.io/bash.  ;-)

CDDB is gone

It's been on it's way out for a while.  Some things change slowly; there are still apps that used it.  Below are work arounds for two apps, Asunder and RipperX.