RPi & Nightstand


A not uncommon thing to do these days is to have a device on your nightstand.  It serves the purpose of a clock, alarm, MP3 player.  I like the idea of a dedicated device instead of my phone/tablet.  A Raspberry Pi, with this kit, is great for this project.  

So far, configuring the RPi is pretty straightforward.  I've used Raspberry Pi OS (64-Bit) and the tweaks are explained below.  

I decided to build a simple webui and launch it in full-screen Chromium.  This is because:

So the webui is in its infancy.  Once it does a clock, alarm, and MP3, I'll make the repo public.

Setup Rasp OS

So, back to just getting a basic system up and running, since I'm just playing around.  BTW, not everything is all command line.  So while I did most through SSH, you will need a keyboard & mouse.  

@xset s off

@xset -dpms

@xset s noblank

@chromium-browser --start-fullscreen http://somewebserver.com/

NOTE:  Change http://somewebserver.com/ to what you want.  I installed apache2 and pointed the RPi at itself.  Essentially that is http://localhost/ . So far I'm getting good performance.

NOTE:   This is for all users, you can add the ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart file for the user you created above.  

NOTE:  It would be cool if I could just edit the ~/.xscreensaver file, but it is very extensive and the developer essentially says no manual edits.

NOTE:  When the screen turns off, there is a slight glow.  If you look around for turning off the "backlight", it just turns off the display.  It does not turn off the glow.  This may be different for your touch screen.

Other Ideas


What About Kodi.tv?

I had thought the easiest thing to start using would be Kodi.tv.  I could write some Kodi plug-ins like a clock.  I'm not going in that direction for the following reasons:

The last one is perhaps the most important.  It could be a Raspberry Pi OS maintainer issue or a Kodi maintainer issue.  Usually, open source is so cool in so many ways.  In this case, from the research I've done, neither project seems to want to fix the issue.  :-(   Sadly, I'm not stepping up either.