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Riverside (from Poland) "runs the gamut of intensity, too, from serene self-reflections to explosive bursts of anger and heartache, and every member fills their role perfectly" - 10 Progressive Metal Bands You Need To Get Into

I keep listening to them and though their songs aren't of the nature that enthralls me,  I just keep listening to them.  The quote above is accurate.  They sometimes drift to the indulgent, but I find them very compelling.  I might put them aside for a while, but I know they will come back into my mind.

Some story of their lives & history.....  Their guitarist, Piotr Grudziński, passed away and it took them a while to get to the point of having a new full member of the band.  Their ID.Entity album is the first one with Maciej Meller as a full member in the writing process.  It is different in some ways yet I would say it is still a Riverside album.  I can respect that difficult journey and wanting to stay true to an idea that is greater than any individual member of the band.

Oh, and if you start searching for them, they are not the Riverside band from 2010's from NYC.