A New Angle On Taking Time To Smell The Roses

FEBRUARY 26, 2011


Talking with Becca this morning, two relevant thoughts merged into one and came out in the conversation. No need to go into details of that conversation; but that bit of the conversation was something I wanted to get “down on paper” (at least it feels important to do so at this point in time). It is the subject of this post and was good motivation to try to write posts again.

Table Of Contents

The first thought is wise-old Yoda saying “When you are calm and at peace you will know what to do.” The other is that I think, at various points in time, we all experience life faster then we can understand it. And I mean "grok" our experience, not just see it, catalog it, store it. But to take an experience and see how it relates to all our myriad of other experiences.

So these thoughts may have seemed tangential to the conversation, but they really weren’t when looked at together. If you take the two of them together, and mix in some computer lingo/perspective, I think that when too much of one process gets in the queue of things to process, the whole system degrades in performance. Un-addressed, the experiences lead to overload and the system suffers; therefore time to eject (from) memory or reboot. Well, that analogy got out of hand. The simple, direct summary is too much of one thing in my mind leads to neglecting of other things. The problems from this can be exhibited in many ways, but the easy (sounding) solution is to spend some time to “cleanup” things for optimal living of life.

Its important to take that moment and somehow quiet the marque that keeps scrolling by in our mind. It might seem that writing this post is not slowing it or meditation per se. But its an exercise I don’t do often enough. It feels good for me to put on some music, let that figurative grip (on what I don’t know) in my mind go and just type. So in that sense, I’m grok’ing that conversation, and both our personalities, both our combined and individual life and so many other things.

Meaning, I’m practicing what I preach in my way. And that certainly isn’t always happening. Nor the method I use every the time. Anyways, that’s all for now…