Pointless "Ground Zero Mosque" Debate

AUGUST 21, 2010


I’ve decided to start posting links to articles I like. Word of mouth and discussing things among friends is what helps make the world more cohesive and ultimately a better place. It also helps lessen fear and increases strength within and without.

So my first is this article: 3 Reasons the “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate Makes No Sense.

Table Of Contents

A highlight is that rhetoric should never replace logic. Our lives are not controlled by fear, and fear spreads. Its makes these three points:

  1. It’s Not at Ground Zero

  2. It’s Not Strictly A Mosque

  3. You Can’t Simultaneously Acknowledge A Right And Insist That Your Government Suppress It

To me the last point is most important. The others are no brainers that should stop the arguments in their tracks. More so though, the last shows the hypocrisy of the argument. Read the article for good examples. Also think about how its not just government. Certain people are using this “topic” for political gain. Those same people want to control what you think with lies. One needs to be strong to stop fear, hatred and these other excuses that are used to limit the freedoms we allow ourselves. One might see the topic as limiting another’s freedom, but just by starting the hypocrisy those starting the argument are limiting your own as well.