Election Results, 2009

JANUARY 20, 2009


I haven’t posted in a while. And this one isn’t really mine. But, like many, for the first time in a long time, I look to the future with a promising smile. Thanks to Jen, Jim and Ken for their wonderful words.

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Barak Obama! Freakylicious President! Get your “Mo Jo” on!

- Jen Jag

In bare feet by the thousands, chain-yanked off the auction block, In pinched shoes moving on northward flight, In just bought boots down the new hallways of Tuskegee, In spikes churning up the Berlin dirt under the Fuhrer’s eye, In laced-high shoes stepping through the ring to meet Schmeling In ankle high russet browns trudging through the mud of Anzio and stumbling over the crushed rock of Okinawa, In flashing feet breaking for home plate and all of Brooklyn’s approving roar, In the patent leather shoes of three little girls taking guarded steps to school, In wild gliding, unstoppable, sliding motion on the floor of the Apollo, In steel-toed GPs scrambling for cover at Tet and slogging the water-logged Mekong, In stride, linked and determined, on the march, a preacher’s shined shoes at the fore, from Selma to Montgomery, Albany, Birmingham, Chicago, and up the steps to dream in Lincoln’s shadow, that long shadow cast across the generations, across the throngs of Washington Mall who have been on the move from every corner of the country and pause now in wonder at where the weary feet have led.

- Jim Laughlin

There once was a President named Barack On Pennsylvania Ave. he’s New Kid on the Block He’s promised transformation For our wonderful Nation So Come on America, let’s Rock!

We have chosen Hope over Fear For the next 4 (or 8) year With #44 we ALL win No matter the color of skin So let’s celebrate “change” with a beer!

- Ken Krilla