Rio, Just Rio

So I'm moving my stuff back to Google Sites. It is easier to edit across different devices. It kinda sucks I can't edit it offline, but I can make docs to later move. That will work for now. I'm still moving lots of entries from the old site, mostly my tech blog stuff. But all updates/edits are going here.

About Me

I'm generally a geek at heart. But I'm interested in a variety of things. Family, food, music, tech. Most of the time in that order, though quantity is different. :-)

To the right are pictures of important things in my life. My life partner, Becca. My cat from college, my truest and longest friend. He passed away in May 2010; thanks James for an awesome photo!

Professionally, I'm a technologist. I've worked mostly in software companies, but for the last 10 years, I've worked at South Shore Charter Public School. Feel free to check out my resume.

Becca, my life partner, and I back at Christmas 2006

Becca & Rio, Christmas 2006

Marty, my longest and truest friend, passed away in May 2010

Marty, my truest & longest friend


Below are recent blog posts or posts that I want highlight. Full listing of posts in my make-shift Blog.


I love food. I like to eat, I like to cook. I’m part Italian and a cancer; what can I say? I also like to make up my own recipes, usually only reading cook books for ideas.

I have posted a few recipes. They are very limited right now, as I have recipes, like so much else, scattered in books, files, websites, bookmarks, scraps of paper, etc.

Cooking Tip: A trick from my mom is to keep a piece of ginger root in the freezer. Use a potato peeler to shave off the needed amount. The brown covering won’t hurt you. :-)